fight like a girl

by Bad Heart Bull

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demo versions. soon to be released on cassette tape, after re-recording some tracks with drums & getting it all mastered.

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released June 1, 2011

all songs written & performed by rebecca riley/bad heart bull except "mountain song" written by red river & performed by grace cannan, tzippy rhodes & rebecca riley/bad heart bull




Rebecca Riley Columbus, Ohio

Rebecca Riley lives in Columbus, Ohio, and writes really angry pop songs.

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Track Name: big old river
when the levees break & overflow
their sides are tickled by the trickle of the backwater
rising up from down below
we dont walk
no we gotta run from the undertow
the surging of the current
pulling us downstream
flooding all the homes and the houses i know

they call it chemical row
they call it cancer canal
they call it big easy

backwaters rising
floodwaters rising
heat is rising
breath on the neck of the government rising
food prices rising
gas prices rising
joblessness rising
gun in the hand of the police rising
Track Name: hankerchief
cast it out of your mind
dredge the memories thoroughly
trace the lines from your eyelids
long smooth arcs
like the coal soot on my window sill
push it into a pile

you keep it in your hankerchief
right hand pocket
just in case you should find
where it was ripped from the soil
just in case
you replace it
Track Name: indiana
indiana why you gotta be so mean
indiana youre the bird that done picked that bone clean

chicago is the city where my baby resides
but ohio is where i lay my head at night
indiana youre as wretched as you are wide
Track Name: sky emptied out
they want to destroy everything
about you and me
they want to destroy everything
rip up the earth and poison the seas
salt the soil and tear down all the trees

protect your heart
protect your will
our bodies are stronger than
and our minds will survive the kill

the sky emptied out one day
the clouds came and then went away
the sky emptied out one day
the sun rose and then sank away
the sky emptied out one day
no birds flew they wont lay their eggs
the sky emptied out one day
clear blue where the trees once stretched and swayed
and the sky emptied out one day
the stars shine shine shining brightly
and the deepest blue filled a crack in their glow
and a yawning tired and beat down soul
the sky emptied out one day
Track Name: resist this infernal design
i came too late
to change your mind about
all of these things that were before my time
now i am resigned to keep my desires confined

desire burning in my lungs & my heart & my body's on fire
now i am inclined
to resist this infernal design
i am resigned to keep my desires confined

constructing cages around yourself
in the hopes of healing not hurting anyone else
but that cage is in your mind
in time it too will die

just take a moment look into my eyes
old embers smouldering
catching the light
thrown from your sight
clipped winged bird caged from flight
rising into the night
a wild and raging fire
resist this infernal design