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released January 18, 2014




Rebecca Riley Columbus, Ohio

Rebecca Riley lives in Columbus, Ohio, and writes really angry pop songs.

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Track Name: Blood of Khan
A blood transfusion could save your life
but it comes at the most disastrous price
for all humanity
I got the blood of Khan

I'm a supernatural alien
I come from long ago
a time you don't know when
I'm a supernatural alien
Track Name: Dr. Gaius Baltar
Gaius Baltar
dont wanna put u on an altar
your the most conceited scientist to ever exist
to ever exist
you sold out the human race
for a cylon you could not replace
by having intercourse with
every single leading woman character

Gaius Baltar
dont wanna put u on an altar
the only time you never falter
is in the act of saving doctor gaius baltar
you got cylons in your head you got cylons in your bed
your eagerness to weed them out is filling me with dread

Gaius Baltar
if I wrote the show I would have airlocked you long ago
Track Name: The Eye of Jupiter
the eye of jupiter has followed you
since your troubled youth

and a destiny that you did not choose
was spoken to you
by your mortal enemy

the hybrid said youre a harbinger of death
and you go blindly on a path chosen for you
by gods! what else could you do