building strength

by Rebecca Riley

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released October 26, 2013




Rebecca Riley Columbus, Ohio

Rebecca Riley lives in Columbus, Ohio, and writes really angry pop songs.

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Track Name: i would kill for a casio keyboard
i would kill for a casio keyboard
i would kill for a second chance at time travel
circuits bending around curves in gravity
sparks flying off the friction between you and me
i would surely sail off into the void
just to meet you on the astral plane in an arkestra
pull out the keys pull out your teeth
set them all free stars in an inky sea
i would kill for a casio keyboard
Track Name: building strength
keep still lay quiet the time to strike will make itself known
and should you encounter trouble draw a circle round your home
building strength raising power
keep still lay quiet in secrecy your powers grow
you know where to take this into which fertile soil your seeds to sow
Track Name: i can be rude
you know i can be rude
i could tell you all the things i hate about you
or i could choose my battles carefully
show you only what i want you to see
reflect my own undying
oh you know i can be cruel
especially when the mood arises hastily
i get distracted by my own selfish designs
though i may come to love what i deny you
i forget my own undying resolve
so now i am trying
to put it in my pocket and save it for later
Track Name: black widow
lonely lover heart so hungry give yourself to me
i will wrap you up in linens woven so carefully
you may have me for a moment you may have me completely
but in time i will consume you completely
Track Name: non-apology
im sorry but im sorry im not sorry
im sorry you feel that way
im sorry but your feelings arent as important to me
as my own flawed perception of reality

you said i hurt you
you said i dont care
but i want to show you
ive got feelings too and theyre more important than you

im sorry but im sorry im not sorry
i should pretend i wont condescend
but my patronizing lies you can see it in my eyes
im not sorry im not sorry im not sorry
this is one back handed non-apology
Track Name: sky emptied out part 2
the lightness of the morning warms tired eyes
and the rising heat of daylight limbs stretched out toward the sky
i may tire weary resting motion slowed the deeping night
to feel a current rising inside stronger now inside

two hands holding future still
Track Name: truth seeker
truth seeker hiding your eyes
turn your back on a compromise
you wont hear me out

truth seeker standing alone
shallow waters are the depths that you tow
your line through

how do you hope to see with your eyes hiding
how do you hope to hear with your ears unlistening

truth seek and the truth you will find
project to others off the walls of your mind
so closed
Track Name: we could be friends
we can be friends
i value sincerity over most anything
and you seem kind to me or at least you better be

we can be friends i like to ride bikes too
we can be friends ill even block traffic for you

we can be friends
can you take honest critique can you keep your ego checked
is that defensiveness? no, i've got better plans than that

we can be friends do you want to grow with me
we can be friends if you like reciprocity